How to View Shared Information

If a student has shared access to information in the University’s Student Administration (Student Admin) system with you, you can enter the system as a delegate and view select areas of the education record.
Please note: Before you can view this information, you first need to create an account. The instructions below are for subsequent visits to Student Admin.

How to View Information:

If you just created an account, skip to step 3.

1. Go to and click Delegate Login.
2. Log in to Student Admin with your username and password.
3. At the top of the opening page, select the Main Menu drop-down.
4. In the drop-down, select Self-Service.
5. Of the options that appear, select Shared Information Center.
6. In the menu that appears, select the information you wish to view. Note: The information the student gave you access to is listed in the account creation email.