Student Help

View Quick What-If Advisement Reports

A Quick What-If Advisement Report enables you to view how your coursework would fit into another program and plan.

An academic program refers to the school or college within the University of Connecticut in which you are pursuing a degree. A plan is the area of study, or major, within a program.

After logging in, navigate to the View What-if Report link by clicking:

  1. Self Service from the Main Menu, and then Student Center.
  2. From the Student Center, Under Academics, select What-if Report from the drop down menu.
  3. The What-if Report page displays. Click the Create New Report Button to set up your what-if scenario.
  4. Select a Career and then select the Term for which you want the change to take place.
  5. In Program Scenario, your current academic information is displayed by default. Use the fields to set up a What-if scenario based on one or more programs of study. You can define up to three scenarios. Click the Submit Request button when finished.
  6. The What-If Report page displays. Content areas are displayed and let you know what course requirements have been satisfied. Courses that may be used to satisfy requirements are also displayed. Click the View Report as PDF button to view this report in PDF format.