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Step 3: Enter Aid From Other Sources

If you received aid from a source not listed in Step 1, you must add the source in Step 3.

  • If you have no other sources of financial aid, you must indicate this by marking the I am not receiving any aid from other sources checkbox.

Once marked, Step 3 will display as complete.


  • Click the Enter Other Aid Sources button to continue.

    Enter Aid From Other Sources

You must report any additional financial aid not displayed on the previous page. Your financial aid award may be adjusted if additional aid exceeds your demonstrated financial need.

  • Click the Add an Item button to enter any aid from outside sources.

    Add an Item

  • Enter all outside financial aid you will be receiving for the aid year (Fall, Spring, and following Summer), including, but not limited to: scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, assistantships, fellowships, veteran’s benefits, community assistant positions, etc. Use whole dollar amounts only (no cents). If you are not sure how an item will be paid, assume it will be split evenly between the fall and spring semesters. For each award, complete the Award Description, Fall Amount, and Spring Amount fields. Complete the Summer Amount field if applicable.

    Award Description

  • If you have more than one source of additional aid, click Add an Item again and repeat the process.
  • You must click Save before you can Continue to Step 4.
  • Your financial aid may be revised based on the amounts you enter on this page.
  • If you will not be receiving a scholarship that you previously listed here, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.

Proceed to Step 4.