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Step 2: Verify Your Credit Hours

Final financial aid awards are based on a fixed enrollment date, the 10th day of classes. In this step, you must enter the number of credits for which you anticipate enrolling.

  • To begin, click the Enter Credits button.

    Enter Your Anticipated Credits

  • In the Credits field for each term, enter the number of credits you EXPECT TO REGISTER . The maximum number of credits you may register for each term is 25. If you do not plan to register for a term listed, enter ‘ 0’ in the Credits field for that term.
  • If the number of credits you enter in Step 2 does not equal the number of credits required for the enrollment status indicated in the Financial Aid Load column of Step 1, your financial aid may be revised. You must be full-time to receive most forms of financial aid.
  • You may continue to update the information on this page until you Continue to Step 3, at which time you will no longer be able to update any of the information on this page.

NOTE: Enrollment information may not be updated after the end of the add/drop period (fixed enrollment date).

Enter Number of Credits

  • You must click Save before you can Continue to Step 3.

Proceed to Step 3.