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Student Help

Swap Classes

Use the Swap function when you do not want to drop a class until a new class is successfully added.

After logging in, navigate to the Swap Classes by clicking:

  1. Self Service from the Main Menu, and then Student Center.
  2. From the Student Center, click the Enroll link.
  3. On the Enroll tab, select Swap.
  4. The Swap a Class page displays. There are three steps in swapping a class.
    1. Select a class to swap.
      The Swap This Class drop-down menu, lists courses in which you are currently enrolled. Select the class you would like removed from your schedule.
      • Enter the Class Number in the Class Nbr field, and click the Enter button. The class number is a unique number found in the class schedule. If you do not know the class number, you can search for a class by clicking Search. For more information about conducting a class search, see the Help for View the Schedule of Classes.
      • Information about the class you wish to add to your schedule display. You can set your enrollment preferences here. For example, if a permission number is required to enroll in the class, you can enter it here. If you need to make a change, you can click the Previous button to return to the previous page. To continue with the swap, click the Next button.
    2. Confirm your selection.
      Review the classes you have selected to swap. If you wish to continue with the swap, click the Finish Swapping button. If you want to exit without swapping, click Cancel.
    3. View results.
      The results of the swap display. A green check indicates a successful swap. If the results indicate and error and the swap was not successful, the error message will indicate the reason the swap did not process and will help you determine a corrective course of action. You can view your modified schedule by clicking the My Class Schedule button.