Student Help

Use the Schedule Builder

The Schedule Builder helps you plan your class schedule. Use this tool to build schedules prior to your enrollment appointment, taking into account both desired classes and personal needs (work, athletics, leisure, etc.). Schedule Builder also enables you to efficiently identify additional classes that fit into your schedule once you have already enrolled into courses from your shopping cart.

Important! You may need to enable pop-ups on your internet browser to successfully use the Schedule Builder.

To launch the tool, log in and navigate to the Schedule Builder link by clicking:

  1. Main Menu, Self-Service, and then Student Center. Your Student Center appears.
  2. Under the Academics section, click the Schedule Builder link. The Schedule Builder page displays.
  3. Under Instructions, select the Click Here button to open the Schedule Builder in a pop-up window.
  4. Select your Campus(es) and then click the Save and Continue button. Schedule Builder remembers your selection next time you use the tool.
  5. Select the Term from the drop-down field.
  6. From the Course Status drop-down arrow, select the Open Classes Only, Open & Full w/Waitlist Open, or Open & Full option. Depending on your selection, different results display to you.
  7. Click the Add Course button to add courses to the planner.
  8. Select a Subject and then a Course from the drop-down fields. Then click the Add Course button. Continue to add courses as desired.
  9. Once you have added a course, click the View/Edit link to display all of the possible enabled options/sections for that class.
  10. Deselect the checkboxes of those sections (lecture, lab, discussion) that you do not want considered in your schedule. Then click the Save and Close button.
  11. Click the Add Break button to create the time periods that you do not want to be in class, including work, extracurricular activities, sleeping in, ending classes early, etc.
  12. The example below sets up no late classes between 3:00-7:00 pm Monday through Friday:
  13. Select the checkboxes next to the Courses and Breaks you wish to include in your schedule.
  14. Click the Generate Schedules button.
  15. Note: if too many schedule combinations are generated (see above image), click the Help Videos link at the top of the page to learn how to use locks and options.
  16. Click the View link next to each generated schedule to open and display that schedule.
  17. When viewing a schedule, click the lock icon if you would like to lock a specific class in place. Then click the Generate Schedules button again to produce a list of schedules that include the locked class(es) that you have selected.
  18. Once you decide on the best schedule for you, at the top of the page of that schedule, click the Send Schedule to Shopping Cart button.
  19. Click OK when the pop-up message displays that asks if you wish to continue.
  20. After this message displays below, from the Schedule Planner Instruction page, click the Course Enrollment button. Select the term you are planning your schedule for to access your Enrollment Shopping Cart.
  21. From the Shopping Cart page, click the import cart button to load your schedule into the shopping cart.
  22. After importing your schedule from Schedule Builder, select each class by clicking the Next button.
  23. After selecting all of your classes, the Cart Import from Schedule Planner complete message displays.
  24. Important! You are NOT registered in these classes until you complete the enrollment process during your regularly scheduled enrollment appointment.
  25. Tip! If you want to add classes to your schedule after you have already registered, launch Schedule Builder again. Your existing schedule displays, and you can generate new schedule combinations by inserting your desired course selections.
  26. For additional information and tips, click the Help Videos link in the upper right corner of the page. Then click the Play Video link to view the beginner, intermediate and/or advanced help videos.
  27. To log out of Schedule Builder, click the Log Out link in the upper right corner of the page.