Student Help

Request Graduate Assistant Payroll Deduction

Graduate Assistants (excluding the UConn Health Center) are eligible to use payroll deduction as a method of paying University charges not covered by their tuition waiver. There is no additional cost for participating in the payroll deduction plan.

After logging in, navigate to Request GA Payroll Deduction by clicking:

1. Main Menu, Self-Service, and then Student Center. Your Student Center appears.


2. Scroll down the page to the Finances section. Click the Request GA Payroll Deduction link.

Request GA

3. Review the GA Payroll Deduction Information page. Click the View Fee Bill link to check your fee bill for accuracy, and then click the Continue button.


4. Complete the three blank fields on the GA Payroll Deduction Contract Request page. First, enter the number of hours you are required to work per week. Choices include: 10-14, 15-19, or 20. Second, enter the number of pay periods that you want the deductions taken. Finally, enter the total amount of the deduction for the term.


5. Verify the values you entered. If correct, click the Continue button. If not, click the Return button and re-enter the values.


6. On the GA Payroll Deduction Contract page, click the Accept button to complete the request. Click the Decline button if you do not accept.


7. The Successful page appears displaying a Confirmation Number and Date/Time Stamp. Print this page for records.


Your request for Payroll Deduction of term charges has been posted to your account. Check your account for any remaining charges. If there is a balance due, it must be paid by the first day of classes to avoid late payment fees. Please contact the UConn Bursar's Office with questions regarding the Graduate Assistant Payroll Deduction request process.