Student Help

Prior Course Approval

Before taking classes at another institution for transfer, it is recommended you request an evaluation of the transferability of the course(s). Knowing the transferability of a course prior to taking that course helps you plan accordingly.

NOTE:  If you plan on attending a college or university in Connecticut AND the course(s) can be found in Search Transfer Course Equivalencies at:, then no prior approval is necessary.

After logging in, navigate to Prior Course Approval by clicking:

  1. Self Service from the Main Menu, and then Student Center.
  2. Under the Academics section, click the My Academics link.
  3. The My Academics page displays. Click the Prior Course Approval link.
  4. The Prior Course Approval page displays with your academic career, program, and plan information. Note: if previously approved courses display, click the Plus button to begin a new request.
  5. Begin by entering the term code you wish to apply for. If you do not know what code to use, click the magnifying glassbutton next to the field to look it up.
  6. Enter the name of the College you plan to attend, the City, and State.
  7. Enter the name of the Subject.  Use the subject name the school you plan to attend uses.
  8. Enter the School Course Number.  Use the course number the school you plan to attend uses.
  9. Enter Y if the course you plan to take will be an online class.  If the course will not be taught online, enter N.
    NOTE: Transfer credit policies prohibit the award of transfer credit for laboratory sciences or foreign languages taught online.
  10. Enter the Course Title as it appears in that school's undergraduate catalog.
  11. Click the Plus button to add additional courses. You may add up to five prior course approval requests.
  12. When your requests are complete, click the Save and send email button.
    An email is generated to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  Once your request is processed, you are notified via your UConn email account to access your PeopleSoft Student Administration System account.  Prior course approval requests take approximately 3 weeks to process.
    • You can request up to five prior course approvals at a time.
    • NOTE:  Questions regarding how the transfer credit will eventually be applied towards specific degree requirements should be addressed directly with your academic advisor.
    • Prior Course Approval requests may be made during specific dates only, which correspond to specific terms:
      Time Period You May Make Requests: Terms You Can Make a Request For:
      March 15 - June 15 Summer and Fall
      September 15 - January 15 Winter and Spring
    • After receiving notification, log into your PeopleSoft account and access Prior Course Approval results by clicking  Self Service > Student Center > Academics > My Academics > Prior Course Approval
    • If you made multiple requests, scroll through the results of each request by clicking the arrow buttons to the right of the blue bar.
    • Courses not equivalent to a specific UConn course but still transferable are given a 5-digit generic designation beginning with the number 9.

NOTE: Once you have completed the approved course and met the basic requirements for eligibility of transfer credit, you must request that an official transcript be sent directly to the University of Connecticut.  For more details, go to