Student Help

Submit Your Preliminary Plan of Study

The Submit Preliminary Plan of Study feature enables students at the junior level or higher to submit a preliminary Plan to their advisors for review and approval.

Important! Before submitting your preliminary Plan of Study, use the Academic Planner function to indicate the courses you intend to register for.  The preliminary Plan of Study then incorporates your completed and your planned classes into your Plan of Study and generates a report which is routed directly to your advisor.

Navigate to the Submit for Approval button by logging in and then clicking:

  1. Self Service from the Main Menu, and then Student Center.
  2. Under the Academics section, click the Academic Planner link. The My Academic Planner page displays.
  3. Click the Plan by My Requirements button.
  4. Wait as the 'processing wheel' spins in the upper right corner of the page. Then the Plan by My Requirements page displays.
  5. Click the Submit Preliminary Plan of Study button.
  6. Confirm your request by clicking the OK button. Click the Cancel button to cancel your request.
  7. On the Plan of Study Comments page, enter text regarding any course related information that requires approval. Then click the OK button to send your request to your advisor.[Note: the sample below is for a Civil Engineering student.]
  8. Two emails are generated. One is sent to your advisor asking them to review and approve your Preliminary Plan of Study. Another is sent to you(sample below) confirming your request has been sent. Click the My Plan of Study Approvals link. Log into the Student Admin System with your NetID/password.
  9. The My Plan of Study Approvals page displays. To review your Preliminary Plan of Study click the pdf icon. To view or submit additional comments, click the Comments icon.
  10. Your previously submitted comments display, indicating the date and time submitted. Enter your new comments and then click the OK button.
  11. At any time, you can access your My Plan of Study Approvals page by navigating from your Student Center > My Academics > View My Plan of Study Approvals.
  12. OR from your Student Center, in the Academics section, select Plan of Study Approvals from the drop-down arrow, and then click the GO icon.
  13. When your advisor approves your Preliminary Plan of Study, you receive an email. Sample below.

If you have questions regarding submitting your Preliminary Plan of Study, contact either your Academic Advisor or the Degree Audit unit of the Storrs Registrar's Office at 860-486-6214.