Student Help

Modify Your Addresses

As necessary, you can add and edit your address information.

After logging in, navigate to Addresses:

  1. Click the Main Menu drop-down arrow. Hover your mouse over Self-Service, and then click Student Center.
  2. Scroll to the Personal Information section of the page and select the Addresses link from the drop down menu.
    The Addresses page displays a list of your addresses.
  3. To add or change an address, click the appropriate push button.
  4. Enter the new information in the appropriate fields and click OK.
  5. A green checkmark next to an address type indicates the selected address type for the current address. An asterisk next to an address type, indicates that type is already associated with an address in the system. Selecting an address type with an asterisk will override the previous association.
  6. You can also select a date for the changes to take effect.
  7. Click Save, then OK to save your changes.