Student Help

View Holds

If you have a negative service indicator (hold or bar) on your record, you can learn more about it.

After logging in, navigate to the Holds link by clicking:

  1. Main Menu, Self Service, and then Student Center.
    Any holds on your record will display under the Holds & Indicators section of the Student Center page.
  2. For more information, click the details link.
  3. To view, click the link in the Hold Item column.

    Holds can be placed on your record by various offices, such as Registrar, Bursar, Health Services, and Financial Aid, for a variety of reasons.

    Different types of holds are used. Possible holds include enrollment, transcripts, enrollment and transcripts, or no service impact (informational only).

    Details about the hold include the reason the hold was placed and instructions for removing the hold.

  4. Click the Return button to return to the Student Center