Student Help

View Dynamic Class Search

Dynamic Class Search is a search tool that enables any person to search for and view class information, availability and real-time enrollment totals. Highlights include being able to search by term, subject, multiple campuses, course catalog level, open or honors only, instruction mode, and more, all from one page. Reserved and unreserved seats are displayed when applicable. Search criteria changes can be made on the fly without beginning a new search.

NOTE: There are multiple ways to access Dynamic Class Search. It is available to any person within or outside of UConn.The search tool includes the last five years of course information.

  1. Current Students, Instructors and Advisors log into the SA System and then click Self-Service > Dynamic Class Search.
    Any guest user may access Dynamic Class Search: The Student Administration System login page appears.
    1. In the upper right corner of the login page, click the Welcome Guests link.
    2. Click the Search for a Class link.
    3. In the Guest access only, to display Online Classes Only courses, select that checkbox. The Campus selections are then hidden. To view all Campuses again, deselect the checkbox.
  2. Required: Click the Term drop-down arrow and select a term.
  3. Optional: Once you select the Term, select the applicable Session for that Term (Regular, May, Intensive, Summer).
  4. Required: select the Campus or Campuses you wish to search.
  5. Optional: select one or more Course Catalog Levels.
  6. The Open Classes Only checkbox is selected by default. Optional: to narrow the search, enter the Catalog Nbr, and/or select HonorsClasses Only, Online Classes Only, Instruction Mode.
  7. Click the Search button.
  8. The information is displayed. If more than one page displays, use the arrow buttons or First and Last to the right of the blue bar to view all rows of data.
  9. Click the download button to download the information to Excel if desired.

    Reserved Capacity and Unreserved Seats: Some sections of classes are reserved for specific student populations, such as certain majors, incoming students or honors students. To enroll in a class, there must be 1 or more unreserved seats available in a section OR you must meet the reserved capacity criteria.

  10. Edit your selection criteria as desired, and then click the Search button again.