Student Help

Create Title IV Financial Aid Waiver

University charges other than tuition, fees, room and board, cannot be paid automatically by Federal Title IV funds without your express authorization. This includes charges such as parking, health services or balances from previous semesters. Without a waiver, you must pay these charges even if a refund check is received. If those charges remain unpaid, a Bursar Hold may be placed on your account, restricting registration, use of athletic facilities and other services.

To avoid this inconvenience, waivers are available. These waivers authorize the UConn Bursar's Office to use Federal Title IV funds to pay any and all charges that may appear on your fee bill.

After logging in, navigate to Title IV Financial Aid Waiver by clicking:

  1. Main Menu, Self-Service, and then Student Center. Your Student Center appears.
  2. Scroll down the page to the Finances section. Click the Permissions & Requests link.

    Permissions and Requests

  3. The UCONN Student Permissions page displays. Click the Title IV Financial Aid Waiver link.
  4.   Please read the Introduction Page, which explains the purpose of Title IV financial aid waivers. Then click the Next Tab button at the bottom of the page OR the Waiver tab at the top of the page to continue processing the waiver.
  5. On the UCONN Financial Aid Waiver page, select the radio button option to authorize use of your Title IV financial aid funds to pay any and all charges. Then click the Create Waiver button.
  6. After clicking the Create Waiver button, a Waiver Successfully Created message displays.