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Student Help

View the Course Catalog

After logging in, navigate to Course Catalog by clicking:

  1. Self Service in the Menu, then Student Center.
  2. Click the Search link in the Academics section of your Student Center.
  3. Click the browse course catalog tab.
    The Browse Course Catalog page displays.

    The course subjects display as expanded by default.

  4. To search for a subject, click a letter corresponding with a subject title you wish to view.
  5. Click the Course Nbr or Course Title to view course catalog details.
  6. Click the view class sections button to view schedule details.
  7. You can view the schedule for a different term by accessing the Terms Offered drop-down list and making a selection. Then click the show sections button.
  8. Click the select button to add the course to your enrollment shopping cart.
  9. Click the section link to view the class details.
    Class details include Meeting Information, Class Availability, and Description.
  10. Click the Return to Browse Course Catalog link to continue browsing the catalog.