Student Help

Use the Academic Planner

The Academic Planner is a feature that enables students to plan out their future course enrollments.  In the Planner, you select the courses you intend to register for, assign them to future semesters, and see whether or not your planned courses will complete your graduation requirements.

To launch the tool, log in and navigate to the Academic Planner link by clicking:

  1. Self Service from the Main Menu, and then Student Center.
  2. Under the Academics section, click the Academic Planner link. The My Academic Planner page displays.
  3. There are two ways to add classes to your planner. The first is by searching the course catalog and selecting classes. Click the BROWSE COURSE CATALOG button.
  4. The Browser Course Catalog page displays. Click the letter at the top of the page corresponding to the course subject. In this example, A for Anthropology.
  5. Scroll down the page and select ANTH - Anthropology to expand that subject area.
  6. Select the checkbox of the course you wish to add to your Planner.
  7. At the top or the bottom of that page, click the ADD TO PLANNER button.
  8. The following confirmation mesage displays:
  9. Repeat this process as often as desired, adding courses from the catalog to your Planner. When completed, to return to the Planner page, click my academic planner at the top of the page.
  10. The second way to add classes to your Planner is by clicking the PLAN BY MY REQUIREMENTS button.
  11. The Plan by My Requirements page is a mirror of the Advisement Report, except that is also includes Planned courses, displayed with a blue star.
  12. In the example below, the Writing Competency section of the report has been expanded, and then the W Courses section. ANTH 1000W displays with a blue star, indicating it has been added to your Planner and is being used to satisfy your W (writing) requirements.
  13. Click any View Course List link to view all the courses that fulfill the requirements for that area.
  14. In the example below, this Political Science major is required to take a Race, Gender, and Ethnic Politics class. Select the class you wish to add to your Planner by clicking the Description link.
    Important! At the bottom of the section, click the View All or First and Last links, or the arrow buttons to display all the options.
  15. The Course Detail page opens. Click the add to planner button to add this class to your Planner. A confirmation message displays (green checkmark).
  16. From the My Academic Planner page, to change the term/semester and move your courses into that semester, first select the courses, and then from the Move selected courses to Term drop-down field, select a term, and finally, click the move button.
  17. A green checkmark confirmation message displays when the course(s) you selected are moved.
  18. Unassigned Courses appear in a separate section until you select and move them to a specific term. To expand and view the courses you have moved, select the arrow to the left of the semester.

If you have questions regarding your Academic Planner or Advisement Report, contact either your Academic Advisor or the Degree Audit unit of the Storrs Registrar's Office at 860-486-6214.