Instructors and Advisors Help

View Transfer Credit Report

You can view the transfer credits of your advisees.

After logging in, navigate to Transfer Credit Report by clicking:

  1. Self Service in the Menu, then Faculty Center.
  2. Click the Advisor Center tab at the top of the page.

    The My Advisees page displays.

  3. Click View Student Details to see an advisee's Student Center.
  4. Under Academics, from the other academic... drop-down menu, select Transfer Credit: Report and click on the double arrow button to generate the report.
  5. The Transfer Credit Report of the selected student displays.

Transfer information includes when the class was transferred, what group it applies to, the source institutions numbering scheme and the equivalent course at UConn, the credits taken and award, and the grade posted. If a class does not transfer, the reason for rejection is listed.

NOTE: Transfer courses from other institutions are graded with a "T" and are not calculated in the GPA. Courses taken as a non degree student at UConn and accepted by the Dean are transferred with the grade earned and are calculated in the GPA.