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Upload Grades

Upload Grades & Upload Grades for Multiple Rosters

You can upload grades to the Student Administration System as an alternative to manually entering grades.

Required specification of the Grade Upload File:

  1. The file must be in CSV (Comma delimited) format for PC users. For Mac users the file must be in Excel's CSV (Windows) "Save as..." format.
  2. It must consist of four columns in this order: Term, Class Number, ID, and Grade.
  3. Column header names can vary but must contain the required data.
  4. Grades must be in letter grade format and capital letter.


  1. The Term and Class Number columns require data in the first row only.
  2. Your Class Number can be found on your Faculty Center Class Roster or Grade Roster page in the Student Administration System.
  3. Term Codes:

  1. The ID can be either a student's NetID OR the 7-digit Student Administration System ID.
  2. Additional columns may be present, such as Name, as long as they appear to the right of the required four columns and do not contain any commas in the column headers or rows.
  3. You can save the file with a name of your choosing; there is no naming convention.

You can download each grade roster file from the Student Administration System to Excel and save them as CSV (Comma delimited) files .

NOTE: If you maintain grades in HuskyCT you could opt to push your grades using Grade Journey to Student Admin. If you would like assistance, contact the IRC at or 860-486-5052.

Downloading a Roster to Excel from the Student Administration System:

  1. Login to the Student Administration System.
  2. Click Self Service, then Faculty Center.

  1. Click the Grade Roster icon OR the Class Roster icon to the left of the class you wish to export to Excel.
  1. The selected Roster displays. Click the Download to Excel icon.

    NOTE: If you are having difficulty exporting to Excel you may need to change your browser settings to allow downloads:
    o For Internet Explorer see instructions. You may also try holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the download icon.
    o In Safari, in order to download to Excel, you can disable your pop-up blocker by clicking the Safari menu, and then deselecting Block Pop-up Windows. Then when you click the Download to Excel icon, it will open a blank window (which you can close), but it will download to Excel in the Downloads folder. You may also hold down the Apple key while clicking – same result.
  1. Click Open.

  1. The Roster file opens in Excel.
  1. You must then edit the file.
    • Insert two columns to the far left of the spreadsheet.
    • Label the columns Term and Class Number
    • Enter the Term and Class Number in the first row only.
    • Delete the Notify column.
    • To preserve the leading zeros in the ID column, highlight the ID column, right-click, and select Format Cells. On the Number tab , select Text , and then click OK .
    • Insert a Grade column after the ID column.
    • Enter letter grades for each student.
    • Delete all other columns. Remaining columns should be Term, Class Number, ID, and Grade.
      NOTE: Any columns remaining to the right of the required four, will be ignored during upload, however, any additional columns must not contain any commas in the header or row. For example, if you include a column containing last and first names separated by commas, the file will result in an error during the upload process.
    • Save the file with a name and in a location you will remember. In the Save as type field, scroll down to select CSV(Comma delimited).
      Mac users should select File, Save As, then select CSV(Windows) in the format field.

    • If you receive a message indicating the file may contain features that are not compatible with CSV, click Yes.
    • Make note of the name and location of the saved CSV file.

    Uploading Grades with a CSV File

  1. Once your CSV file has been created, edited, and saved, log in to the Student Administration System.
  2. Click Self Service, and then Faculty Center.

  1. Select the Grade Roster icon to the left of the class for which you want to upload grades. The Grade Roster page displays.

  1. Click the Upload Grades button.

  1. Click the Browse button to locate the file you just created, select it, and click the Open

  1. Click the Upload button
  1. The file processes. If errors display, review the errors and either:
    • Correct the CSV file and upload it again (overlaying previous grades), or
    • Click the Return button and correct the grades(s) in the Grade Roster itself. See the Record Final Grades
      Guide for additional information on entering final grades.
  2. If no errors are present, the Grade Roster page displays. Verify all of the uploaded grades are correct.

  1. Click the Save button at the bottom of the roster.
  2. After all the grades have been populated and saved, change the Approval Status at the top of the page to Approved.

  1. A confirmation screen displays. Click OK.

NOTE: Grade rosters can be updated as many times as desired as long as the Approval Status is Not Reviewed. However, once the Approval Status has been changed to either Ready for Review or Approved the Upload button will no longer appear.

NOTE: Midterm rosters do not need to be Approved


Uploading multiple rosters at one time is also possible. Navigate to Faculty Center, click the upload button. The file to be uploaded has the same formatting as above but would include data for multiple rosters.