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Instructors and Advisors Help

Enter Advisor Comments

You can add, view, and append your advisor comments on the Person Comments Entry page.

After logging in, navigate to Person Comments Entry by clicking:

  1. Campus Community in the menu, then Comments > Comments - Person > Person Comment Entry
    The Person Comment Entry page displays.
  2. To add a new comment about an advisee, click the Add a New Value link.
  3. Enter the advisee's PeopleSoft ID number in the ID field, or use the magnifying glass button to search for an advisee. Click Add.
  4. Begin adding a comment by entering an Administrative Function code of GEN, for General.
  5. Next, select a Comment Category. You can view a list of options by clicking the magnifying glass button.
  6. Select Lookup criteria, or select a comment from the list of search results.
  7. Click in the Comments field and type the comment text.
  8. When the comment is complete, click Save.
  9. To add additional comments, click Add.
  10. You can also review previous comments saved in the system.
    1. Navigate to the Person Comment Entry page to locate an existing record. For example, you could enter a student's ID to locate comments you have saved for that student. Or, you could enter GEN in the Administrative Function field to view a list of all the comments you have saved in the system.
    2. You can search for an existing comment by any of the fields listed on the Person Comment Entry page.
    3. When your parameters are complete, click Search.
    4. The Search Results Display at the bottom of the page.
    5. Select the comment you wish to view by clicking the desired row.