Administrators Help

Viewing and Printing Transcripts

Path: Records and Enrollment > Transcripts > Transcript Request

  1. Click Add a New Value.
  2. From the Institution drop-down list, choose UCONN.
  3. From the Transcript Type drop-down list, choose the type.
  4. From the Output Destination drop-down list, choose Page or Printer.
    Note: Selecting Printer will give you the option of indicating the Number of Copies you need. This will produce the copies within Adobe Reader.
  5. Click Request Detail
  6. In the ID field, enter the appropriate ID. To select an ID from the Lookup List, click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the field. On the Lookup ID page, type some criteria and then click Look Up. A list of IDs is displayed.
    Note: You may need to click View All for all IDs to appear.
  7. To run more than one transcript at a time, click the plus sign and repeat step 6.
    Note: If you continue to use the plus sign on the last row added, the transcripts will be printed in alphabetical order from the Request Detail page.
  8. Click Process Request.
  9. Click the Print button on the Report Results page to print the transcript you are viewing.
    Note: If you processed more than one transcript and would like to print them all at once, return to the Request Detail page and click the Print All button.
  10. Click Report Manager
  11. Click Refresh until the report status is Posted.
  12. Click Transcript to view and print the transcript(s) in Adobe Reader.
  13. Click Go back to Transcript Request to return to the Transcript Request component.