Administrators Help

Viewing and Printing a Transfer Credit Report

Use this procedure to generate a Transfer Credit Summary Report. The Transfer Credit Summary reports which classes were accepted and rejected.

Path: Records and Enrollment > Transfer Credit Evaluation > Transfer Credit Summary

  1. Click Search to view your existing Run Control IDs. From the list, select a Run Control ID. If the only one that appears in the list is your User ID in all capital letters, or you wish to create another Run Control ID, click Add a New Value.
  2. In the ID field, enter the appropriate ID. To select an ID from the Lookup List, click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the field. On the Lookup ID page, type the student’s name and then click Look Up. A list of IDs is displayed.
    Note: You may need to click View All for all IDs to appear.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Click Generate Report.
  5. Click Report Manager.
  6. Click Refresh until the report status is Posted.
  7. Click Student Transfer Credit Eval to view and print the report in Adobe Reader.
  8. Click Go back to Transfer Credit Summary to return to the Transfer Credit Summary page.