Administrators Help

Viewing and Creating Class Permission Numbers

Every term, Class Permission Numbers are created in batch by the Registrar’s Office. Permission Numbers are used for instructor consent classes, over-enrollment and overriding requisites. Use this procedure to view existing Permission Numbers or manually generate additional Permission Numbers when they are needed, for example, when a new section of a class is added after the batch process has been run. You can also use this page to customize which requirements a permission number will override.

Permission numbers can override:

  • Closed Class: Allows a student to over enroll in a full course or take a reserve capacity seat.
  • Requisite Not Met: Allows a student who does not meet the prerequisites or who has a credit restriction due to a previously taken course to register.
  • Consent Required: Allows a student to enroll in a course that requires permission.
  • Career Restriction: Allows a student to register for a course outside of the student’s career, for example, an undergraduate student in a graduate level course.

PathRecords and Enrollment > Term Processing > Class Permissions > Class Permissions

  1. On the Find an Existing Value page, enter criteria to search for the class.
  2. Click an entry in the search results list to view the permission numbers for that class.
  3. Use the blue Class Section Data navigation header to locate the Class Section for which you would like to add more Permission Numbers. Click Find to search for a particular section. For example, type the class section or the class number to find that section.
    Note: Do not click View All as it will cause the Generate button to disappear.
  4. In the Assign More Permissions field, type the number of additional Permission Numbers you would like to add for this section.
  5. Click Generate
  6. To customize a permission number’s overrides, click Permission and uncheck any requirements you would not like this permission number to override.
  7. To indicate you have issued a permission number to a student, click General Info and check Issued next to that permission number. When you save, your user ID will appear in the Issued By field and today’s date will appear in the Issued Date field.
  8. To download a list of the permission numbers to Microsoft Excel, click the download spreadsheet icon.
    Note: To enable Excel downloads in Internet Explorer, please refer to the Enabling Excel Downloads in Internet Explorer document.
  9. Click Save.