Administrators Help

Receipts by Deposit ID

Path: Student Financials > Cashiering > Balance by Business Day > Receipts By Deposit Id Summary

  1. Click Search to view your existing Run Control IDs. From the list, select a Run Control ID. If the only one that appears in the list is your User ID in all capital letters, or you wish to create another Run Control ID, click Add a New Value.
    Note: Run Control IDs are case sensitive and cannot contain spaces.
  2. Next to the Cashier’s Office field, click the magnifying glass icon, click Look Up, and then select the cashier’s
    office you wish to open.
  3. In the Deposit ID field, enter your Deposit ID in the MMDDYY CAMPUS CODE LETTER 2 INITIALS OF CASHIER format.
    Note: You MUST use the exact same format as the Deposit ID that you typed in the Open Cashier Office process for that business date, or you will not receive any results in your report.
  4. Click Run.
  5. From the Server Name drop-down list, select PSNT (for a Crystal process type).
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Report Manager.
  8. Click Refresh until the report status is Posted. The Negative Service Indicator status is updated.
  9. Click Receipts by Deposit ID to view and print the report in Adobe Reader.