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Browser Troubleshooting Strategies


Below are troubleshooting strategies to try for any PeopleSoft Student Administration System end user who experiences difficulty logging in, viewing pages, navigating and/or updating information following a system upgrade.

Important: Log into the SA System after each step attempted before going on to the next step.

Troubleshooting Suggestions

  1. Log out of the PS System and clear/delete browser cache, and log back into the system.
    1. Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > General tab > under Browsing History, select checkboxes pictured below > Delete > OK.
    2. Firefox: Tools > Clear Recent History > Under Time Range to Clear, select Everything > Select the Cookies and Cache checkboxes > Clear Now.
    3. Chrome: Click the customize/control symbol (three horizontal bars) to far right side of page > Clear all browsing history.
    4. Safari: History > Clear History.
  2. If your home page is missing the menu bar, or if links are right-aligned in a vertical stack on the page:
    1. Right click in the toolbar area, and select Menu Bar.
    2. Click View > Refresh.
  3. Delete any browser Favorite, Bookmark, or Shortcut you have set for the PS SA System login page, and reset a new one for
  4. Try logging into the SA System with a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) to determine if your issue is browser-specific.
  5. Add to your browser's trusted sites.
    • Note: For IE9, click Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites > Sites > Add
  6. See Browser Settings and Printing Guidelines for the SA System.
  7. Check the Compatibility Settings in Internet Explorer: Tools > Compatibility View Settings
  8. Delete All files in your C: drive temp folder.
    • C:UsersnetidAppDataLocalTemp (i.e. NetID = your netid that you logged into the PC)
    • From tool bar, click Edit > Select All > delete all files in the temp folder
  9. Uninstall and reinstall Java
    1. Start > Control Panel > Java (select Java tab)
    2. Do you have the most recent release of Java installed? If not, uninstall the current version: Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Scroll to Java programs installed and then uninstall all instances.
    3. Once uninstalled, access website and install current release of Java.
  10. Reset Internet Explorer 9
    1. Caution! Copy your IE favorites to your Desktop, as resetting IE9 deletes browser favorites. Note: Resetting IE9 browser defaults may also have adverse effects to other applications that use IE.
    2. From the IE9 menu bar, click Tools > Options > Advanced tab
    3. Under the Reset Internet Explorer settings section, click the Reset button.
    4. Re-copy the backup of favorites from Desktop to Favorites folder.
  11. For assistance with any of the steps above, contact your departmental technical support person, call the UITS Help Center at 860-486-4357, or email