Edit Shared Access to My Information

Students can edit the access to information they shared with delegates in the University’s Student Administration (Student Admin) system.

How to edit shared access to my information:

1. Log in to your Student Admin account and navigate to your Student Center page.
2. On the right hand side of the page, select Share My Information.

3. On the page that appears, click Edit.

4. On the page that appears, you can edit the information for your contact, as well as what information you would like them to have access to. Then select Save.

5. Read the Delete Confirmation pop-up that appears. Then select OK.
6. Read the Email Notification pop-up. Then select OK.
7. On the Save Confirmation page that appears, select OK.
8. Read the Share My Information – Summary to verify that all information is correct.

Please note: The delegate whose access you adjusted will receive an automatically generated email about the change.