Create an Account to View Shared Information

If a student has shared access to their student record on the University’s Student Administration System (Student Admin) with you (the delegate), you must first create an account to view this information. Once a student has given you access, you will receive an automatically generated message from with instructions.

How to create an account

1. Once the student has given you permission to view areas of the student record, you will receive an email from
2. In this email, click on the Account Creation Link

3. On the page that appears, enter a user ID, password, name, and email address in the appropriate fields. Be sure to use the email address at which you received the email from

4. Complete all fields and then click Create Account.
5. On the following page, read and accept the terms of conditions by checking the box.
6. Enter the Security Key sent to you in the original email.

7. Re-enter your email address.
8. Select and answer a security question in case of a password reset.
9. Select Submit.
10. On the pop-up that appears, select Ok.
11. You now have access to the Student Admin system as a delegate and can view shared information.

Please note: To login to Student Admin as a delegate for future visits, go to and click the login button for delegates.